Obsessed Movie Starring Beyonce Will Make You Amazed

Obsessed story tells Derek Charles (played by Idris Elba) is a successful man in his work. He has a big new house, a beautiful wife, Sharon (played by Beyonce Knowles) and a son, Kyle (played by Nathan Mayers). Her life is so perfect, until when he met Lisa (played by Ali Larter), a blonde girl who is pretty and sexy, who worked as a contract employee in the office where she worked. Introductions they who ultimately disastrous for Derek and his family. Stories that were presented have been produced before. The most memorable of course Fatal Attraction that catapulted Glenn Close. No surprises and conflicts mean in this Obsessed. Fortunately director Steve Hill is quite capable of processing the scene to not feel too boring, especially after Sharon knows Lisa action. Some scenes quite bring tension.The song - a song that presented a hefty build mood and in some parts of packaged like a music clip. But it is in fact not able to cover up how bad the script processed David Loughery.

Too many holes that interfere here and there. Obsessed is not much different from the soap opera filled with conflict is not important and execution seem shallow.I wonder what's on the minds Beyonce received an offer to play in this Obsessed, even sitting in a chair executive producers. His character is not too obtrusive and frankly lost on appeal moncer action "demons" of Ali Larter. Deepening the emotion feels less that once again caused by the weak script acting Beyonce caused a drastic decline, when compared with the action in Dreamgirls. His efforts to not sing as he always did in the previous film fortunately deserves the appreciation of its own. Ali Larter who appeared tolerable was actually still more insane and more sexy. Dear it is less well accommodated. And unfortunately, the film is less exploit sexuality players.


Monsters Vs. Aliens Movie Animation One Of The Best Movie Created By Pixar

Monsters vs. Aliens story began when Susan Murphy (Reese Witherspoon) a California girl mostly, hit by a meteor full of energy oddly named Quantonium right on her wedding day. Due to the lacing so Susan has a size slightly abnormal, a little? Susan's body size is actually quite normal. Just imagine Susan so because the incident has the same height with a 10-story apartment and could destroy the thick steel walls with a single hit.

This time the animated Monsters vs. Aliens created by DreamWorks Studio under the direction of Conrad Vernon ever worked on Shrek 2 and Shark Tale. Conrad Vernon still using the usual formula applied to the animation besutannya, which eliminates the traditional fairy tale elements of animation and implement a way of telling a slightly modern. Unfortunately, many who do not love this way, because most people are familiar with how to tell a la Disney or Pixar. But before we misjudge Monster Vs Aliens, let us throw away feel that we use when enjoying Disney or Pixar animated films and tighten the veins of comedy that we have.


Fast & Furious Best Box Office Movie That Everybody Looking For And Have Many Achievement

No one expected before Fast & Furious grown to become one of the most successful film franchise ever made. All box office analyst estimates path to USD 1 billion a matter of time for Fast & Furious 7. Beyond the box office affairs, the seventh film became an important turning point in the storyline Fast & Furious franchise. The tragic death of Paul Walker at the end of 2013 forced the seventh film scenario changed in the middle of filming. For those of you who do not follow the Fast & Furious franchise from the first film, we have a guide to understanding the story. Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker), a Los Angeles police officer, assigned undercover into the wild riders gang leader Dominic Toretto (Diesel). Brian fell in love with Dom's sister, Mia (Jordana Brewster). Meanwhile, Dom had a lover, Letty (Michelle Rodriguez). At the end of the movie, Dom is left vague by Brian.

Narrated, Dom (Vin Diesel) and Brian (Paul Walker) must live move from one place to another after the beat and steal from mafia kingpin. Because he cannot go home, they also felt that his life would be meaningless. Elsewhere, Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) told trying to track down a criminal organization composed of trained drivers from 12 countries. They then concluded the only way to defeat this organization is to fight them in the streets. Hobbs and Dom invited to join the elite team in London and promised forgiveness for them to get back home to his country in Fast & Furious.


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