Parenting plan

For the last 6 years I have been allowed to see my son five hours on Tuesday evenings.My ex thinks that’s just great and is steadfast in keeping it that way.

My son and I intend to spend more time together. Can any one out there direct us in finding out what visitation could be, and what parental rights I may have as a non-custodian father in the state of Washington. I am unable to afford the lawyer game so must do the most that I can on my own.

This is from an eight year old court order put on me during a legal separation.The judge at the time told my wife that the order would have to be amended.MY son will be ten on the 15th of august. A letter(drafted by a lawyer we couldn’t afford) was sent two years ago to my ex-wife inviting her to sit with myself and a facilitator to work out a new plan.

The letter was flatly refused by my ex-wife’s lawyer (retained by her mother). The lawyer stated that Patrick and ex-wife are totally capable of working out parenting on their own, and any further court movement would result in Patrick paying court fees and lawyer fees for his ex-wife. I don’t feel I can afford Lawyers but I need to change the exiting order.

Thanks so much.