Lawyers for custody without marriage

I have an ex-girlfriend that just had a baby boy, that she claims is mine. I believe there is a high likelihood that he is. The problem I’m running into it that if he is, I really want to be part of his life. I feel that I have tried to do my best with my six year old daughter, spending the time with her, being the best daddy I can be, and know I would do no less for my son.

Unfortunately, the ex-girlfriend is planning on moving out of state (Currently Missouri, moving to California) in 15 days. I’ve contacted lawyers about taking her to court for custody, and to keep her here in state so that I can be part of his life.

But unfortunately, to start (with the lawyers I’ve talked to) I have to have more money than I can come up with. If she takes him to California, I know there’s very little chance of me being more than an incoming check in his life. If anybody has any advice, leads, or information I’d greatly appreciate it. I’m in the Kansas City area.

Thank you very much.