We should make it a rule

…that every message start out with the state you live in! Laws vary in every state and the help you get will be better.

I live in PA. (there)

Fishingman, who moved – you or the ex? In PA the custodial parent cannot move unless he or she can PROVE to the courts satisfaction that life will be significantly better after the move than before it. I tried to move to CA after getting custody to take a really good job with Cisco. The judge turned me down.

So that’s your first step – did she get permission to move and what is the state law on that issue? If the laws prohibit such a thing and she didn’t get court permission, talk to your lawyer about filing charges.

Seeking a way to get my boys back

Hello. I am fighting to see my boys.. My ex-wife and I went through a big and nasty divorce. She was awarded everything even the children. Its been almost a year since i have seen them. I talk to them once a week over the phone..

But I want more. Right now they live in another state..I would like to know my rights, how i can get them back. I do have a lawyer but i don’t think that is enough is there more i can do. If you have any suggestion or ideas please help.. thanks in advanced..

Thanks for all the good info

I’m asking because my ex is working as an acupuncturist and claims to be making just 18K per year! She’s using that as a justification for trying to get me to pay 2K per month in alimony.

Other practitioners make from 60K – 110K so there is something wrong here. She could also make over 100K if she went back to her old profession of healthcare marketing and PR. (I’m also paying off 30K in her education loans which are in the form of a second mortgage.) Just looking for ammo.

Parenting plan

For the last 6 years I have been allowed to see my son five hours on Tuesday evenings.My ex thinks that’s just great and is steadfast in keeping it that way.

My son and I intend to spend more time together. Can any one out there direct us in finding out what visitation could be, and what parental rights I may have as a non-custodian father in the state of Washington. I am unable to afford the lawyer game so must do the most that I can on my own.

This is from an eight year old court order put on me during a legal separation.The judge at the time told my wife that the order would have to be amended.MY son will be ten on the 15th of august. A letter(drafted by a lawyer we couldn’t afford) was sent two years ago to my ex-wife inviting her to sit with myself and a facilitator to work out a new plan.

The letter was flatly refused by my ex-wife’s lawyer (retained by her mother). The lawyer stated that Patrick and ex-wife are totally capable of working out parenting on their own, and any further court movement would result in Patrick paying court fees and lawyer fees for his ex-wife. I don’t feel I can afford Lawyers but I need to change the exiting order.

Thanks so much.