Any “person” can refuse to pay child support

Any “person” can refuse to pay child support, but int he case of a man, it will eventually catch up with him. It is not necessarily the same with women, which statistically don’t pay far more often than men.

They tend to get out of it, or have it dismissed by a different judge than the one who ordered it. As for men, once they are ordered to pay, they must pay. They can refuse and find ways to make income under the table, but that becomes a life long endevour, since there is no statute of limitations on collecting back child support.

So, whether the woman refuses to kill her child or not is irrelevant to whether she will get a child support order. And once she has the order, she knows that the government will always be on her side to collect it.

Hell, in my years of working with fathers, I’ve seen a case where a woman went after back child support after spending a few years in jail for killing the child. So even if she eventually aborts the child life, she can still get the money owed.

There is NO accountability for child support

Women are free to spent the money any way they want to. Somewhere in my files I have a copy of an ad showing two smiling women on beach with the headline “Child Support Checks Accepted!” That is one of the major issues in the Father’s Rights Movement. Keep documenting everything as you have been and get ready to go for full custody. Her actions show a blatant disregard for the welfare of the children.

Remember, the movement IS having an impact – father’s are getting custody more often than ever before. Never think you can’t win.

Remember what Churchill said during WWII – “Whether we think we can win or we think we can’t, we will be right in the end.” One way to determine that child support is being spent on the child is to file a motion with the court requesting that the child support owed by both parents go into a bank trust fund, similar to what is used when parents are killed and a guardian is appointed. The custodial parent writes checks from the trust fund, covering expenses related to the child, and in accordance to the federal rules on trust funds. The only person she has to be accountable to is the bank, not the other parent, so you do not have the argument that the other parent is trying to control her.

If she violates the trust fund rules, they report this to the court, not the father. Naturally, this would also allow for any money not spent to sit and collect interest, to be used in emergencies or for college.

Child Support Misuse

I certainly need advice. In the last 3 months since our divorce, my wife hasn’t found a job. she has already spent 5 days in Florida on vacation, and now has told me that I need to watch the children while her and a friend go on a cruise next month.

Isn’t there any accountability for child support? She has the ability as a programmer to find a job paying over $60k/year! Instead, she is drinking, smoking, and partying my child support away! I don’t want to support my ex and her habits, I want to support my children. I pay $1,800/month and want to see some of it go to educational/savings funds.

Is there anything I can do? I’m recording all of her actions and think that it is a travesty.