There was a case in California

There was a case in California, in the mid nineties, that was upheld by the state supreme court. The man had been working 80 hour weeks to put his wife through school. After she graduated, she divorced him to marry one of her teachers. He reduced his work load to a 40 hour week, so that he could spend time with his children. He was ordered to return to his previous work schedule, in order to pay child support based on that amount.

Another example was the husband of OJ Simpson prosecutor, Marcia Clark. He was a stay at home, doting dad, previous to the divorce. He worked from home as a architect. During the trial, she filed for an increase in the child support, based on his “potential” earning, if he were to work for a company, rather than an independent contractor. Thsi was one of the reasons for the divorce. She thought he was a poor example of the father for her children, because he didn’t have her level of education and achievement. I do not know what was the outcome of the motion, as she got the cased closed to keep out snooping reporters. Not fast enough though to keep out a certain snooping fathers’ right activist, who knew an attorney in Los Angeles.

Oh, and the reason she needed more child support, according to the papers she filed? To pay for the additional costs of clothes, shoes, and makeup for the OJ trial.